Welcome to Doogle.de!

Doogle.de features some cool PHP websites I've been making as a hobby.

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Current projects:

Doogle.de. As my main website, this project will be changed and changed and changed again. I'll never stop trying new things here.
Currently features a PHP-heavy site with a clear Bootstrap design.
Status: I am always working on this.
Things that need to be done:

  • Login with Discord - done
  • Login with Google - working atm
  • Add reCaptcha or something - done
  • Visibility-toggle for user profile - done
  • Cookie Popup & Imprint - the legal stuff

* CharDB. Display your roleplaying char how they deserve to be displayed: An exhaustive description, a full biography, their picture, their faith and so on.
All those very important things that do not fit into a char sheet. Each with toggles for public display.
Status: I am currently working on this.
Things that need to be done:

  • Localisation (english / german)
  • Add chars (move to new page) - done
  • Edit chars (move to new page) - done
  • Possibility to archive chars - done

* DragonQuest. A game about Dragons!
Apart from the mere idea, not started yet. I'd love to work on this!

* The Scheduler. A scheduler for work shifts.
I already started this once, but didn't make it far beyond a now deprecated login routine. Maybe someday I'll start this again and make millions with my easy scheduler ;-) .